About Us


Specialty Solutions was formed in 2011 by four Maine physician practices – Spectrum Medical Group, OA Centers for Orthopaedics, Chest Medicine Associates, and Portland Gastroenterology Center– to promote strong, independent specialty physician practices. The group now consists of 11 practices, representing 15 specialties and more than 250 physicians.

The primary goals of Specialty Solutions are to provide resources and collaborative opportunities that will allow member practices to improve the coordination and quality of care, optimize operational efficiency, cultivate partnerships, and reduce costs. Some of our specific objectives include:

  • Maintain a private practice model for physician organizations.
  • Seek additional members that share common vision and goals.
  • Leverage our collective business and clinical resources in achieving greater care coordination as well as participate in new contracting models with third party payors and/or employers.
  • Position ourselves to be able to participate in new healthcare delivery and financing models with other healthcare providers, hospitals, payors, and employer organizations.