Preferred Partner Program

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpecialty Solutions values its partnerships. We invite employers to collaborate with us in our Preferred Partner Program, a partnership that you form with Specialty Solutions to manage costs and improve the quality of healthcare your employees receive. Benefits include:

  • Cost savings & expense reduction: Cost savings and improved outcomes can be achieved by optimizing utilization management. We work with employers to identify specific areas in which our practice-based services can provide high quality, integrated care at a lower cost.
  • Preferred access & patient experience: We offer preferred access for our partners and high levels of patient satisfaction and patient-centeredness.
  • Quality & clinical excellence: Specialty Solutions practices have robust quality improvement programs and a shared framework for quality measurement.
  • Enhanced communications and care management: The unique collaboration among Specialty Solutions providers leads to efficient communication across multiple specialties. Our members offer robust patient education materials in both practice and employer settings.

Contact us for more information about our Preferred Partner Program or to learn more about other Specialty Solutions initiatives.